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Casa Armas Tapas Bar Y Restaurante

Your Passport To Spain

Casa Armas’ menu is a true reflection of Spain’s fascinating regional dishes. Browsing over the wide selection of tapas, cold (Tapas fria) and hot (Tapas caliente), entrees of fresh fish and seafoods (pescado), choice meats (carnes), paellas (arroz) enriched with the flavors of meats, seafoods and veggies, is like touring all of Spain’s food regions and enjoying its various cuisines.

Not many people realize it but although Spain is one country, it boasts of many (17 local communities!) different regions, each locale owning its unique cuisine. In addition, the most popular regional dishes are cooked from ingredients that are grown locally or in abundant supply, although garlic and olive oil are the common basic ingredients in all the regional foods. Casa Armas’ menu offerings use garlic and olive oil generously as well as carefully-selected fresh meats, fish, seafoods, vegetables grown locally and spices from Spain to remain a veritable place for Spanish foods away from Spain.